How to Post and Promote Your Event on Boardspeck (FREE)

October 29, 2018

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Boardspeck offers event management tools that allows event organizers and individuals to publish and trend their event on the Boardspeck Application, where prospective participants can find them. 



  • Participants registration (Prospective participants can register for your event on the Boardspeck Application, you can also add your registration form link to your Event i.e Google Form or a registration form on your website)
  • Shareable to social media (Share to friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter)
  • Manage participants details (You can get all registered participants details and you can export data to PDF)
  • Qr Verification (You can use your android phone to verify your participants into your event)
  • Manage Attendance (If you use QR verification for your event, You can get all the details of attendee that you scanned into your event and export the attendance  to PDF, hence no need for local registration)

Step by Step Walk-through (Internet access and Best Optimized for Chrome Mobile Browser)


  • Click HERE to signup.
  • Tick Events as one of your interest.
  • Submit and Verify your account by visiting the link sent to your registration email.

Post Your Event

  • Click Here or Click Create Event on the dashboard
  • Enter the name of your Event
  • Set  the Date for your event of your Event. (if your event is one day event, set start date and end date to same date  )
  • Enter the time for your Event (if your  event has different time for different days, specify the dates in the event description field )
  • Enter the full address of where your event will be taking place
  • Enter a short location (E.g Ikeja, Lagos)
  • Enter the event description(You can write About the event )
  • Enter organizers name (The name of the business,organization or company organizing the event)
  • Enter organizer's description (You can write briefly about the organizer. This will also give more insight to your business, organize or company)

If you want participants to register for your event on Boardspeck, click SET REGISTRATION

If you select SET REGISTRATION, Boardspeck will provide a registration link and  registration form that will collect NAME, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL for people to register for your event. You will get notification when participants register(Click the Bell button on the bottom right side of this page to enable notification)  and you will be able to manage participants registration Information from your Boardspeck Account.  

If you allow QR Verification, A qr code will be generated for your registered participants to download or screenshot. This Qr code is not Transferable(it can only be used by one person at the particular event only). 

  • Enter registration closing date (Participants will not be able to register after this date. You can still extend the date later, if you wish)
  • Select if you want Boardspeck to display you registration link with your event.
  • Enter registration limit (Participants will not be able to register after the number of people you specified have registered. You can still add more slots later, if you wish ).
  • Tick QR Verification if you will like to use  android device to scan registered participants in to the event (Any Android device that has a Camera can verify your event, provided your Boardspeck account is logged in to the device. You can login to multiple device to verify your event)

If you want participants to register for your event from external link (e.g Google Form Link or your website) Click external link

If you select External link, Your registration will be handled at the destination of the specified link. 

Please Note: You cannot use QR verification or Export Participants Details if you use external registration.

  • Enter the external registration link  (Ensure you add http or https:// to your link and ensure that it is a working link );
  • Select if you want Boardspeck to display you registration link with your Event.
  • Upload a suitable LANDSCAPE Image for your content
  • Click Submit.

If your posting is successful, you would be redirected to your Training. 

Visit to learn How to Manage the Registered Participants for your Event on Boardspeck (FREE) 

Visit to learn How to use your ANDROID device to Scan Registered Participants at your event on Boardspeck(FREE)