How to Manage the Registered Participants for your Event on Boardspeck (FREE)

October 29, 2018

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Boardspeck allows participants to register for your event, while you can manage the data of your registered Participant.

This article assumes that you have posted your event on Boardspeck and have enabled participant registration. 

If you haven't, please visit: How to post and promote your event on Boardspeck (FREE) 

Step by Step Walk-through (Internet access and Best Optimized for Chrome Mobile Browser)

  • Click HERE to Login if you are not logged in.
  • Click My Events to manage your Event

If you select Boardspeck Participants' Registration while posting your Event. Registered Participants button will be available.

  • Click Registered Participant
  • To get all Numbers of Registered Participants (Click All Numbers)
  • To get all Emails of Registered Participants (Click All Email)
  • To get your registration link (Click My Registration Link)
  • To Export the current list of registered participant (Click Export to PDF)

Visit to learn How to post and promote your event on Boardspeck (FREE) 

Visit to learn How to use your ANDROID device to Scan Registered Participants at your event on Boardspeck(FREE)