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According to the roman numerals X is 10, shey o get 😕

1. I current work as a social media strategist, youth & social development enthusiast. 
2. Art Work or Paintings are the best gift you can get me.
3.  I don't like Noddles at all. 😑
4. Twitter over IG and Facebook.
5. I am not as serious as you think 😏
6. I am not a big fan of owanbe, not even after my recent experience 😂 but planning to attend alot of that next year (God willing) 
7. I'm super poor when it comes to starting a conversation 😒
8.  I love football and I support Manchester United 🔴
9. I am an onsite shopping person. 
10. Podcast over books.

Lesson: There's NO lesson to tell you, Make I no reason you any lie ☺, just do you at all times.



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