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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Participant 14

I'm a woman,
A weaker vessel who is only fit for household chores they say.
I'm like a malkin who stays at home only for her partner to enjoy her bosom and fanny. 
As if being a woman means i'm fleetingly insane.

I'm a woman,
Men are likely to be aggressive and
I'm suppose to be empathetic and submissive at all times.
It's a natural plight they say
As though it wasn't socially constructed.

I'm a woman,
My presence in an occupation is  a reduction to the prestige associated with the job they say
As if I'm a stench of an incompetent worker.

I'm a woman,
When I'm flourishing and successful in what I do,
They say I might have made unusual efforts to succeed.
And when I fail, I don't have what it takes because I'm a woman.

I'm a woman,
When I say I would rule a nation one day,the men laugh at me.
They say i'm stupid for thinking big
As if gender is the only yardstick for wisdom and vision.

I'm a woman,
I've got massive feminine forms but the society is accustomed to judging me, they say we seduce the men with our curves and if we get raped,it's our fault.

I'm a woman,
I ought to be nice and polite in my speech,Be kind and easy or else you'll scare men away they say.
As though I'm a puppet who should only move when it's string is pulled by another.

I'm a woman,
I'm worth more and
more is made of me.


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