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When it's my turn

When it's my turn, I'd let it go until the darkened heart of yours glow without
When it's my turn, I'd seize every single opportunity to let my so called oppositions grow
When it's my turn, I'd make them know that it's about collaboration and not competition
When it's my turn, I'd set the whole stage on fire with outstanding performances from a heightened spirit
When it's my turn, I'd encourage those mortal men who are dying of thirst to sip from the Living Water and enjoy eternal life
When it's my turn, I'd embrace the fallen stars before they kiss their broken dreams goodbye
When it's my turn, I'd make sure to fulfil every empty promises hanging by the jawbone
When it's my turn, I'd educate the ignorant folks on the know-how and how come
When it's my turn, I'd celebrate even the most trivial victory my circle of influence had without a trophy
When it's my turn, I'd sure turn the other cheek with a fist of fury to go along with
When it's my turn, 
Wait a moment...
Would it ever be my turn?
Should I take the bull by the horn?

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    Ngere Ikenna is a facilitator of learning, a content creator and a poet who is passionate and dedicated to solving real life problems...

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