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Writing out of distress!!!

I was born in the late 90's; growing up as a kid was fun until one day I was told Nigeria is my Father's land; 

Happy I was to know that it's a nation with DIGNITY, yet calling my friend a bastard is another way of saying good morning; 

Happy I was to know that it's a nation of STRENGTH, yet I should always bring out #100 at every police checkpoints; 

Happy I was to know that it's a nation with BEAUTY, yet even if my phone is water resistant I shouldn't still put it inside water; 

Happy I was to also know that it's a nation with RICH HERITAGE, yet all fake products are ABA made (even the ones made in China); 

Breathing each day with it I get to know that the average Nigerian Dream is to make MONEY and be FAMOUS, Study shows that it's 80% Nigerian PRIORITIES; 

Getting to know more I realized Nigeria isn't showing the RESPONSIBILITIES of a father;

What really is the Nigerian DREAM??? 

A good INFRASTRUCTURE _ A great ECONOMIC system _ smooth ROADS _ EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and SECURITY sectors 100%, YES it is but then, We tend to forget that the world is made of INDIVIDUAL'S,

 to LIVE _ to LOVE _ to RESPECT _ to practice GOODNESS and KINDNESS;

**if there's light in the soul there will be Beauty in the person**

**if there's Beauty in the person there will be harmony in the house**

**if there's harmony in the house there will be order in the nation**

**if there's order in the nation there will be peace in the world **

THINK about it!!!!!!!

I rest my CASE ¡¡¡¡¡¡


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