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SHE: If he doesn't ask again,
I won't talk
HE: If she doesn't talk about it, 
I won't push

HE: I really don't want to Pry
SHE: Oh!
He doesn't even care about me

SHE: What is he waiting for?
HE: She'll probably say a stern no

SHE: I am responsible for the well being of my friends
HE: She probably has a crush on me

SHE: He has been cold lately, maybe he is avoiding me
HE: I'm depressed

S(HE): I won't text first
S(HE): S(he) can't even ask after me

HE: She nags
SHE: I'm scared of losing him, I don't feel loved

SHE: She's too secretive
SHE : I won't like to bother her with my problems

ANYONE: You are just too lazy, you are always tired
VICTIM: I'm weak, I need to go for check up
MATE: S(he) never comes to class
S(HE): I need to pay my bills

S(HE): S(he) wants me to start greeting first
S(HE): S(he) did not reply the last time I greeted

S(HE): That one snobs
T.ONE: Damn! I forget to wear my glasses   everytime.

SHE: Oh my! He has a crush on me
HE:  Compliment people, it makes them feel good


Ego, Costly assumptions, Inner thoughts, lack of Expression



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