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Many Christian's have wasted their precious time and carrier on that statement. 
Waiting on God is not idleness, not even prayer, it's preparation and capacity building, that's the meaning of waiting on God. 

Your prayer commit and put God in action, your waiting commits you to the task, that's where you exercise faith, and faith is basically an action pointing to your expectations. 

This has become a slogan for the lazy ass Christian's, who don't want to take responsibilities for their lives, so they always find a way to blame it on someone or something. 

If you're over 30 and your life is still not taking a good shape or pointing towards a reasonable direction and you tell me you're still waiting on God then you're a fool. 

How can you judge God unfaithful with your calamities, do you know the kind of Gospel your life is preaching    

When you appear in front of a non-Christian and you're claiming: 
You: God is good, he loves you, he died for you... 
and they can't phantom one element of God's goodness in your life, please move. 

Audience: Even me who cheat and beat my wife can still afford to get my family good things, this your own God is more wicked than I do, over 30 and your case is even worst than mine in my 20s. 

Ask most of them carefully, they're actually waiting on something else, not God. 
Some are waiting on One Federal Jobs, N-Power, One Uncle, One Politician, One Guy, One Loan, One Salary Job, One Promise. 

People who are truly waiting on God are prepared people, you're waiting for my arrival and you're not making any preparation, no guestroom, nothing symbolizes an expectation, even if I eventually come, I can't stay over, it's obvious I'm not welcome, even if you called me. 

You have no skills, no expertise in nothing except prayers. 
Please go and collect pastoral assignment, or join prayer band or something. 

Stop making God look bad, stop lying that he's the one delaying you, so you're waiting for him to answer you when you are the answer yourself, he packaged everything in you, but your lazy bone won't let you grow.

Work!!! Hustle!!!


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