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Covid - 19 (Workgroup)


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My thoughts about them.

To Masks, Aprons and Gloves we do owe.

The Horror that befell the world would have been stealth,

But no where to hide from the grasp of your watching spectacles.

The eyes that peep while the world was busy.

The soldiers on street as  earth whimp in awe.

The only hand that touches when all hands goes soaking.

Eyes that look the Monster in the face by the day.

What we eat indoor may be the conclusions of our many suppers,

But you fight to make us dine tomorrow.

The legs that go looking for things from which we run.

Hope to those who were thought to be sentenced.

The Ones we owe are our Angels in the skin of Men.

The shield right on our faces, of which we know not.

Embedded since ages, underrated and undervalued.

We never paid our dues enough in lullaby to help your short sleeps.

What shall we do for these ones who wore the garments of risk to save humanity.

To all the health workers in the Front-line of the Battle against Covid-19 we owe.

But sadly we cannot pay.

Posterity will!

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