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While I was busy chasing my shadow,
I ignored the reality and became unrealistic,
I ignored those who love me,
And loved those who ignore,
I was ignorantly selfish,
I thought I was approaching sanity while insanity was pulling me so hard,
I paid all my attention to the effect of the nine,
Isolating the real one.
This is to all my friends,
Thank you for your conscious, subconscious and unconscious therapeutic effect,
Thanks for checking up always,
Thanks for being selfless,
Thanks for the smiles you triggered,
Thanks for complementing my self esteem with your words and actions,
Thanks for your compliments
It's so crazy that my friends see what I don't see in myself sometimes
Thank you!!!
To those that have witnessed the crazy ME (LOL),
Thanks for the addiction,
These ones can't resist me being gloomy (Smiles)
If not all, I'm sure you played some parts
Thank you!!!
I love and cherish you
I'm sorry and I do not take your love for granted


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