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I kiss and love her attention,
But she sings me lullaby in her pretension.

My eyes dream her open activation:
Her cunning heart denies certification;

In my fruitless simple desire,
She bathe my trying patience in cool satire.

I keep up good faith standing by,
No! Her waves sweep my hopeful feet goodbye.

Now am ready to give her time...
That she evades my heart's bedtime!

Thought she is strong,
But she couldn't play along.

She tries to build on the past memory...
Though, I see myself in her emery,

And we start over again;
My fleshy heart flies her name's airplane,

She fucked up again with the cup,
This time, without any stirring backup.

My soul gave up on her words--
Elegy of mothers' unreturned birds.

Yet their mothers never cease to rejoice 
How their surprise return gives chirps a loud voice!

When all ways keep leading them home,
Seeing no place-- unlike the birthplace, their Rome

For all I have tried to let go,
Only opens my eyes to forego

The tempest trying her loyalty,
And dedicate form to her royalty.

Of a truth, higher-lower to lower-higher
Has always been the lovers true souls' fire 

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