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The addition of colour to the nation's flag is a year today,
Discoloured by atrocities and beautified by courage, sacrifice and selflessness,
What a mixed effect !!!
And what do we do to the old warriors and few whose cones have been replaced with rods ?
Or to those who pretend their cones malfunction?
They see the red but they choose to call it another name
The cacophony of inward voices and thoughts,
That of the Heroes, Heroines, Sponsors and the Sponsored.
The cacophony of groans, roar and deafening eternal silent
All remains fresh

And to those who have vowed never to sing the national anthem wholeheartedly,
Consider giving it your own meaning,
This anthem speaks a lot about today,
These victims are our heroes and heroines,
Their labour should never be in vain

And with this justice shall reign.
Lord, help our youths to know truth,
Help us to know of all the strategies these old warriors use against us,
Help us not to be like them, 
Help us to resist pressure in different forms,
Even psychologically,
Guide our upcoming leaders right

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