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There is a ' Way' In 'No Way'!
There's always a way where there seems to be no way... Its just that you've not discovered the way.
If you did not discover the 'way' in 'no way', it gonna seem there's no way.
No way is gonna appear on its own, you've gat to crave the way out, out of the desserts, out of the thick bushes, out of the red sea.
See, roads don't appear just like that, constant treading on a path makes the way.
The splashed waters doesn't wait for way to appear, it make a path, nd the waters flow along.
There's surely a way where the sign-post reads 'No Way', don't go back, stick to it, it might be temporarily not available.
The fact there is 'no way', doesn't mean there is 'no way', there are many routes that leads to the market square.
When life closes it's door at you, don't go away, find the key to the door.
There's always a Way.

N.O means Next Option. 

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