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It certainly looks like influencers are the ones securing the big bags and those who are not getting any are not so sure if this influencing thing is their calling. Because how else do you explain that an influencer makes a content that goes viral and seconds later, they are not just getting deals but they are also buying big houses and cars and expensive trips and outside experiences and it leaves us with the question of  “how do this people make their monies?”.

Influencing Marketing is now a big thing in Nigeria and Africa as most Brands are now streamlining their PR to it. This is to tell you how over the years, it has done well with giving brands the publicity that they need and in most cases, driven sales. The interesting part is that with the evolvement of social media, Celebrities are not the only influencers.  Regardless, Influencing marketing is great for brand awareness if used well.

But we can’t shy away from somethings. I’m sure we all pay attention to how someone will make a funny or somewhat stupid video and it goes viral and everyone keeps following them on socials. When the buzz around this people is at its peak, they begin to take on jobs to help influence brands. Is that a bad thing? No! But overtime I’ve noticed that the rate at which the standard of living shifts is so rapid and unbelievably so. How do we explain that an influencer went viral today and in 6 months, he/she has moved from Berger to Lekki, has a manager, latest iPhone and is flying first class to vacations.  I understand the fact that plenty monies come with the rush but the process isn’t very clear. Are we saying they didn’t have to deal with the fact that plenty people are talking about them at once, they got the pricing right and they were charging millions upfront?. I mean, if there are no grey areas we won’t be having this conversation.

It’s really a bad place for other influencers who have the same figure but are not living the lavish lifestyle like the rest of the team. If something else is added, I think we should know. We’ve seen influencers with lots of mysteries round their head and we can’t wait for time to unravel it.

My honest advice to influencers who look like they are not getting any bag, Grow and build real connections with your audience. Infuse storytelling in how you relate with them and the more they are genuinely glued to you even if they can’t patronize you, expect referrals from them because at the end of the day brands will only work with influencers who have a connection with their community and not just some “Post-and-go” influencers

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