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The Sower and Son 
“Dad, why do you have to throw away a lot of the millet seeds on the soil of the farm? ”, asked the son in their way home from the farm. 
“Uhmn”, he sighed, “nice question” he continued , “that is because, you have to let go of some seeds in to the soil to produce another larger amount of the millet grains, the ones you let go are those that will multiply into larger amount of grains. ” he explained.  

“In life, you have to let go of some stuffs if you really want to gain more. Your hands have to be open for some to go, on the process, a lot come into the hands. Closing your hands and not letting anything go out is as same as not letting anything come in. ” 
“When you are not ready to let go, do not expect anything to come in. “ 


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