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Truth, your environment has a great influence on you, but I disagree with the notion that you're the product of your environment.

I believe we're the product of our thoughts, which can be influenced by our environment, but when our thought change from the tune of our environment, then we find out we are the product of our thoughts.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he ."Prov 23:7". 
I'm a good example of this notion, my thinking pattern is different from that of my environment. 

My Environments 
Childhood to Adulthood => Kabba, Kogi State, 6 years now in Ekiti, 6 months in Anambra State.
Never been to Lagos, but people from Lagos is consulting me, even people from foreign countries.

How did I overcome the influence of my environment?
Go for knowledge, it's as simple as that, if you know 1 + 1 = 2 that's liberty, that's freedom, it means when you add or join or sum one thing with another it will increase in value.

You don't have to carry sacrifice at midnight just to get more sales than your competitors, you simply add value.
That common sense will liberate you from the ignorance looming over your environment.

As strong as the influence of the environment is, do you know that the environment itself is a product of those who live in it?
If you are determined enough, your environment can become the product of your thinking.
You can influence your environment if you have the required knowledge.


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    An Expert Level FullStack Software Developer, but I also love to make my pen speak from the depths of my imagination. #Factman

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