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The Nigeria general election is what on the lips of all and sundry and it is important to emphasize on the power of the electorate but critical questions needs to be asked ? Who are the electorate?

Electorate are the people in a country who are entitled to vote in an election. This shows that power begins with every voter registration. It is imperative to say for every individual who has their PVC have the power to vote in the upcoming election and can change the current system or government in power. It is an opportunity for you and I to impact and bring greater good to the community. Citizens or eligible voters have the chance to make their voices heard.

In conclusion, The power of electorate is greater than what we thought it would be. We all have a role to play in exercising that power, by getting our PVC ready and making sure we overhaul the system and bring about that transformation we always crave for. Remember the destiny's of this great Nation lies in our hands now..

Take action empower yourself and get your PVC Today!!!

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    Oluwaseyi Adeyemi is an undergraduate of Federal university Oye Ekiti .a dynamic and energetic individual who believes in youth empowerment through participating in the affairs of Nigeria government.

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