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By Victor. A

The hate you give,
is the division we have.
The love you give,
is the unity we embrace.

That your  brother hates you,
for he thinks you hate him.
That your sister loves you,
for she thinks you do the same

The hate you give---

 is the pain we have 
And the pain you have,
is the hate we give.

Have you ever been across the sea?
Haven't you been across the ocean?
You most have seen how lovely and brotherly---
that your homily enemy is.

The Muslims hates thee son's of Isaac,
for they think thee son's of Isaac,
hate thou son's of Ishmael

The Christendom---
goes against the Ishmealite,
for they view thee as terrorist.
Why on earth do thou thinketh---
thee brother, a terrorist?

Across the border,
You showed me brotherly love.
Back home,
you become my fucking freaky enemy.
Our home, the love killer,
For it has killed the love in you.

The one in power is your enemy,
that is the hate you give.

Your pleasure, now your pain,
that is the hate you give

Your brother, your enemy.
That is the hate you give

Your sister, now detest you.
That is the hate you give.

Children against parents,
patents against children.
That is the hate you preached.

Across that seven rivers,
you showered me with that infant love.
Back home, I become your bad side.
Why are we being a fucking hypocrites, unknowingly?

The pain we face today,
is the hate we gave yesterday.
And the joy of tomorrow,
is the love we spread today.


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