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The ones we love, is the ones you shove
Yet you think He is happy, the one above
Probably He is not watching the game
That will soon bring upon you, shame
Or will spare you with the earthly death
But you shall live to suffer while you breathe

The ones you admire, will be burnt like Fheroes' desires
To morn your faces with tears so hot like fires
That in agony thy peace will know condolences
How sharp it's torns wear out sighs in sequences 
For love to live the humble royal craziness
With which you neglected their moms and dads to unwieldiness

The world you cherish, you shall pray it perish
Rainbow of trouble, color their courage in fetish 
And cease its effectiveness by tomorrow
That today will drag the past skipped sorrow
Unto thy running feet to a one corner 
Feeding you from its karma like foreigner

The running feet would retire to Niger Area
Which you abandoned to mosquitoes causing malaria
Thinking you can forever run the relay 
Traveling to fro the globe without delay
Getting back from outside the house
Cleaned of no raging mouse

Their blood pressure is your hypertension
You can not hide all day its tension

Their stifled heartbeats are in your thoughts
You shall continue to see as stars like astronauts

Their shining stars have been mar
You will never be clean of its scar

Their own home you set on cry
You will never know joy no matter the try

Their parents you render childless
Your wards calamity be bottomless

Their ways you made bushy 
You will never know ways so cushy

Live to drink the whole of little
To mark Abels' blood on Cain not belittle



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