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It was more like a standing ovation when their task was over, everyone there gave them a continuous round of applause. Usually, once the guys are done with the girls, the girls would go out through the door they came in but as Wale and Yemisi finished their seventy positions which by the way lasted more than the remaining 69 positions, they literally walked back into the crowd together and the anchor made a joke saying “now that’s what I’m talking about, f*ck her till she falls in love

Yemisi told Wale about another secret room and they both went there. On getting there, they had s*x again but this time it was slow and tense. As they got into the room, Yemisi pushed him to the bed but Wale stood up and said “no bae, I gat this

He got up from the bed, moved closer to her, took her by the hands placing both of her hands on his shoulder, he then placed a kiss on her forehead down to her cheek down to her lips, the kiss on her lips was deeper and more passionate, at some point it felt like “clashes of the teeth”.

After he was done kissing her lips, he then laid her on the bed slowly, he then got on his knees, he used his tongue to caress every part of her body from her br*ast down to her belly button, he would move his tongue slowly from her right br*ast to her left br*ast then back to the cleavage before moving it slowly down to her belly button.

As he was doing this, Yemisi was in another world, as her body kept vibrating, her n*pple was hard and red, and she was dragging the bedspread like an old generator, her leg began to shake like someone who is suffering from epilepsy as Wale move his tongue from her belly button down to her p*ssy. Wale began to eat up her like p*ssy like someone who has no table manners and Yemisi was just twisting and turning on the bed. There was this thing Wale did with his tongue that drove her crazy that she was biting her lips and she dip her nails hard against Wale back.

After Wale was done with his tongue, he then stood up, took both of legs and hung them on one of his shoulders, before he then inserted his d*ck in her p*ssy through the small space in between her legs, and he kept thrusting in and out for about 20mins before they both had org*sm and they moaned out loud.

Wale moaned as a wounded lion and Yemisi sounded like a wounded cat. They both lay back on the bed with their face facing the ceiling as both of them were trying to catch their breath.

After a few minutes, they both held hands facing each other and that was when they had the conversation that brought them back together.

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