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By Victor. A

A virtue that bring bliss
an inevitable peace,
to all who embrace its---
coolness like pro-active

A virtue which is needed
to achieve that wishful height
At first it's hard to uphold,
but once emerged with---
your soul, just as the spirit
Never will it depart.

All needs this virtue called humility
A wonderful and blissful quality
all need, never to fumble
For that, we need to be humble
So that all wishful,
can be honorable

Humility is a quality
never is it a quantity.
We are born in egocentric world
Where all mouth claims to be humble
but wish not to be humble
still, never want to fumble

All never want to fumble
So all need to be humble 
For that called humility,
pays with no penalty 
And it comes with plenty of prosperity

For one not to embrace humiliation
One needs to join the administration,
called Humility



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