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It comes for her whence  least expected 
Neither was it foretold, the darkness that befell her sun city 
Her children merry when they heard the knock on the door. 
With a kiss and a beaming eye 
He was embraced, that crept into her beautiful garden 

Day by day, the exchange proceeds. 
The sun and the moon became the same. 
Light of the sun scares her children away, 
Is it too early to work together? 
Yes! but for the game of blame. 

Knowest not they, while the beauty is bewildered 
The scent of the garden, 
Sweet as that of a puny carcass. 
Everywhere is the joy of lonesomeness. 
It Snows, but all we see, 
The proceeds of burning bushes 

No longer is there Floristry. 
It was a song of the morning, 
Now a story to tell. 
Elders discuss wisdom at playground, 
Children wander in the throne room 

Shall We dare this deadly visitor ? 
He that walketh at noon. 
Shall we cease the patronage of the bakery? 
Lest we succumb to the pick of our sleeky inhabitant. 
But the wages of both is death. 

Go all out to undercover mama,  
Mother Earth, please go on a stealth mission. 
Love him to know more. 
He becomes your most loved Enemy, 
That you may know his ways. 

Plough and harrow, till the ground while he sleeps 
And cover thyself when it breaths. 
That we may live with him 
Forever till the number of his days emerge. 
This visitor wont leave until we live with him.

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