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Have you ever seen
a married woman,
taking it up with her husband?
Try helping her bad
and see how lovely and precious
her husband is.
That's the magic called marriage.

Have you not seen a whore,
Who become a better wife
than that Virgin sister, 
whose holiness is higher than the star.
That's the magic called marriage.

Haven't you seen
the most powerful man,
Being so weak and respectful,
towards his wife and home.
Or the weakling's wife being his punching bag.
Still she will be the one to beg.
That's magic called marriage.

Marriage is not a bed of rose,
There is always some hard time.
There is sometimes he will be a beast,
And sometimes he will be the best.
Their sometimes she will be the devil ,
And sometimes she will be the angel.
That's the magic called marriage.

Marriage is never a bed of rose,
It has its up and downs.
Have you ever been in same room and same house,
with same person for ten or more years.
That feelings you got waking up to see same face.
That's why marriage was never meant for boys,
It's for the real men and matured mind.

Dear husband,
Can you still remember your promise,
Can you still love me without end,
Without the best version of me.
when my face grows old,
When that nipples stop pointing at you,
When that big and bouncing hip wither.
That's why this magic is not for boys or girls,
But for matured mind, able men and women.

Dear wife,
Can you still remember your promise,
Can you still love me without end.
When that six packs change to pot belly.
When that six cars change to leggedis Benz.
When that muscles is too weak to carry you,
Can you borrow me yours to stand.
Marriage is never for boys and girls.

Dear husband and wife,
Don't forget that first promise,
That love that can move mountains.
That love that quench burning fires.
That first love that can dry oceans .
She is there before that child,
He is there before those children.
Never you prefer them before her,
Neither are you to, before him.
Don't forget those sweet words,
that makes her mad over you.
Don't forget those silly behaviors,
that makes him want to kill a lion for you.

Don't give up yet 
Don't be tired.
Marriage is meant to be renewed,
Renew it every day, every minutes and every seconds.
The magic is not getting married but staying married.

Love, fight, shout at each other,
but most of all never you stop believing each other.
Share love, tears, pain and blem.,
but never give room for separation.
That magic called marriage is always a mystery ,
It is not easy and never will it be easy.

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