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Hmmmm she was loved and favoured.
Suddenly everything changed bcuz of a little trial.
Even those who love her query her
She couldn't explain how it all happened
She was full of bitterness "why me" and felt rejected.
 Time passes by, she started getting herself bck by meeting new people.
The new Friends make her feel good, appreciated and make her to know how important she's in the society by words that came out from there mouth whenever they are happy with her.
As time goes on the friendship was deeper than before and her frds were meeting new 
They now discover she's lacking some quality as a frd and they stop appreciating her forgetting that the new frd  lack some quality she also possess.
This lady doesn't even need the appreciation but she was happy that she's useful, Happy and reliable.
She moved on and involve herself in things that makes her happy, contemplating if she should continue the frdship or not.
To be continued

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