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Shielded by malicious minds
They are the best one can find
They take lives and snatch people's peace
Leaving many hearts broken while some in pieces

Innocent ones jumbled with delinquents
They are petrified and brutally smashed
The ones in black treat them like trash
This happens not once but frequent

They use the gun like a toy
Bribery their daily snack
They are so kind that harassing people is their joy
Some but not all like their uniforms their brains are black

They call them our friends but they act like a foe
Innocent souls wail and wander in the dark
Their families hearts are left in woe
Can these souls be given back?
Nay! We have been stabbed in the back

With pain in our hearts
We will speak up for our rights
Until they do the right thing and give us our rights


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