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Depression I know is to be UNHAPPY for a little while; 
Depression I know is to be ANXIOUS for a little while; 
Depression I know is a MEDICAL CONDITION that prevents one from living a NORMAL life; 
A MENTAL DISORDER that prevents one from responding to life; 
Been MOODY _ SAD _ CONFUSED _ not knowing what to do is what I know depression to be; 
So painful DEPRESSION I see today is SUICIDE and SUICIDE alone;  
WHY see suicide as your only option???
WHY indulge yourself to a criminal act???
WHY put yourself _ family\friends in agony???
WHY take your precious soul for been depressed???
SUICIDE doesn't end DEPRESSION, it only passes on to someone who loves you; 
Remember LIFE is a GIFT _ you need a BREATHING SOUL to ENJOY it _ You need a BREATHING SOUL to EXPLORE it _ You need a BREATHING SOUL to TOUR it; 
You don't know what depression is and you need help to TREAT or MANAGE it _ talk to SOMEONE, If there's none _ listen to MUSIC of ur choice, and if there isn't _ take a NAP,  if it doesn't _ IMPOSSIBLE, surely one of it will ease the PAIN, BAD times don't last remember;
HANG on;
Hold TIGHT, and remember 
GOD LOVES YOU.........😔 😢 

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