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July 07, 2024

Transform the Way You Manage Events with Cylox AI

Event organizers, it's time to elevate your event planning and management to new heights with the cutting-edge capabilities of Cylox AI! Attendout is proud to introduce Cylox AI, our latest innovation designed to simplify, streamline, and supercharge your event management process. Whether you're orchestrating a corporate conference, a grand wedding, or a bustling music festival, Cylox AI is here to ensure your events are seamless, successful, and stress-free.

Why Cylox AI?

1. Instant Event Page Setup: Save precious time with Cylox AI's automatic event page generation. Upload your event flyer, and watch as Cylox AI effortlessly creates a comprehensive, detail-rich event page, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

2. Seamless Integration: Enjoy a unified interface that brings all your event management tools under one roof. Cylox AI integrates flawlessly with the Attendout platform, providing you with easy access to every feature you need.

3. Efficient Participant Registration: Set up participant registration with ease. Customize forms, collect necessary attendee information, and manage data efficiently, all through Cylox AI.

4. Secure QR Check-In: Enhance security and reduce wait times with unique QR codes for each registered participant. Quick, secure, and hassle-free check-ins are now at your fingertips.

5. Real-Time Event Management: Stay on top of your event with real-time insights into ticket sales, attendee tracking, and more. Cylox AI keeps you informed and in control, allowing you to make data-driven decisions on the fly.

6. Customizable Event Details: Tailor every aspect of your event to match your vision. Modify information, upload images, and adjust settings easily, ensuring your event page reflects exactly what you have in mind.

7. Comprehensive Tools and Features: From ticketing and promotions to attendee management and analytics, Cylox AI provides a complete suite of tools designed to make your event planning process smooth and efficient.

Join the Future of Event Management

At Attendout, we understand the challenges and complexities of organizing successful events. That's why we've developed Cylox AI—to empower you with the technology and tools needed to streamline your workflow and enhance your event experiences.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Events?

Sign up today and discover how Cylox AI can transform your event management process. Experience the future of event planning with features that save you time, increase efficiency, and ensure the success of every event you organize.

Join the revolution. Embrace Cylox AI and make your next event your best event.


Elevate Your Events with Cylox AI. The Future of Event Management is Here.

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July 07, 2024



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