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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Questions Unanswered

Oh wise one, would you be kind enough to pay me heed
Listen to my words, and grant what I may plead
For I've been judged even without a trial
My feelings, I've kept to myself, a life of self denial 
At this point, I just have to let it all out 
I'm tired of being told to remain quiet, yes to shut my mouth 
Why are my opinions always tossed away, like I don't seem to matter 
Why am I labeled weak, if my whole body isn't covered with plaster
Can you tell me why, it seems like a taboo for me to approach the one I truly love
Why can't I move in peace, without being whistled cause of my natural curve
All I asked was just for a little freedom, to be who I want to be, and accepted 
Not confined to just these two rooms, as my juice is constantly extracted

Oh wise one, here I am, different from the other, my case I do present 
For out of me, she was taken, made to be my complement 
So is it fair, that I'm deeply hurt, and I'm told never to cry
Told to give my all, my everything, even ready to die 
Why must I be the one to always have to pay the price
I've never been favoured, always told to make the sacrifice 
When will I just stop, and enjoy the fruits of my hard labour
When will I be truly accepted and in her eyes gain true favour
For all my life, I've been cursed and told, that I must work for it
I've been pushed, I've been scarred, yet I must bare the heat

The sun goes down, but its shine, is never forgotten in a hurry 
The moon comes up with beauty, splendor, and all of its glory
Your questions and your pleas, I choose to leave unanswered 
For you are both the same, a product of the same sand
Moulded into different personalities, but to be there for each other 
Like the hands of a ticking clock, meant to function together 
So shine brightly like the sun, when it is your time
And radiate beautifully like the moon, then life will be fine
For this independence you both seek, is not meant to be
So accept who you are, with all fairness and equality


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