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That's my mom.

A protagon-east. One who has full support for politics she can't truly grasp from the grassroot. One who raises voice and not placards from the sphere of influence with playing cards on deck.

"Biafra must come", "We just want peace". But then, who told her that peace comes without war? Who preached the Biafran sermon to her? Sometimes I ask myself too much questions concerning this subject matter and sometimes too, when Voldemort had taken possession of my lips, I'd want to argue with her and see her spark up in blue flames of freedom fighters. Lmao.

"Mother! What do you think your leader at the forefront is doing to curb the violence in the East? What happens if he dies now? Where would you shove all your political boldness to? Why do you Igbo folks even think y'all are caged?"

I'll bombard her with too many questions all at once and then I'll watch her fumble with words cos her lips are only girded for war and not for explanations to flimsy asks.

Inasmuch as I love her, I won't be in total support if she decides to run for a political post without having prior understanding of politics and it's tricks.

She should keep on being an ardent supporter of the Biafran movement for all I care, I would stop being bothered once I'm done with this write-up.


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    Poet, Lazy Writer and History Enthusiast from somewhere in the world.

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