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My heart grips and pump faster twice daily and I can't control it, you know why ? I do remember that Stranger that cut of pleasure, that Stranger that took away our beloved ones, that man that took away our friends. The Stranger is no one but DEATH.

The recent spate of deaths remind us of DEATH, and it is the destination we all share.

When we lost our loved ones, neighbors, friends, we are pained to our marrow, but their death is also to teach us lessons and remind us that,

Our own death is a matter of time.

No matter how many years you spent on the surface of earth, you'll still die. No matter how pretty/ handsome  your face is, you will still be the food of worms. Be humble and set aside your arrogance.

Do you now realize that life worth nothing ?

Have you ever thought of it that the ground we walk today will be our roof tommorow ?

We all know that our life will end one day but most of us do not prepare for hereafter.

Do not ever think that you'll do good or practice your religion when you grow old. 
The graves are full of people who thought that the will do good and practice their religion when older. Who promised you old age ?

Do not live life and forget the hereafter, prepare for the journey of no return. Do righteous good deeds, make positive impact and practice your religion.

Everyone shall taste death and only on the day of resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. Do not  be deceived, the life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).

Ask yourself, if I die today what is my fate, what will people remember me for ?  

And know that after your demise, you'll only be remembered for two (2) things : either the evils you caused or the ones you warded off. It's up to you, you've the ball in your court, roll it the way you like.

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    Abdulrasheed Mubarak is a Writer, budding poet, Legal intern , who has keen interest in philosophy. His works have been featured in highly reputable Magazines and Newspapers, such as Nigerian daily, Kogi reports, and Ohon Voice Magazine. He is currently a student of Law at Bayero University, Kano

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