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I picked up the mirror today,
I see myself
Not human, rather an elf
How I wish I could have life replay!

Maybe I’d have changed a lot of things
Like when I gave faith Judas’ kiss
And he departed from me to be nailed on the cross
And when I told you, you’re no longer needed
-I can survive alone in this dorm

When will the pain I feel turn numb?
These cuts the razor’s mouth gives do nothing but burn
I lost me, when you were gone!
The news of you leaving dropped in my ear like an ef bomb!

Hope, please come back home!
I need you to be my own
Living life without you is such disarray
I forget when you were here but now you’re gone, I remember my pain!

I need your stretching flagellum to remind me that tomorrow will come
That today is just for now,
And soon, will be gone!

-Emmiasky Ojex

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