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October 23, 2018

If you are a Nigerian and a skin-tight one as that, you should already know where this is headed towards; 

Victor AD’s WEYTIN WE GAIN” which has received so much appreciation from most people as one song that reflects on their lives and mentality.


Weytin We Gain is simply talking about the day-to-day hustling, bustling, ado and go-throughs of the normal person in life, the problems we face as people and how this has made MONEY, though a necessity become a prominent need of people in the world.


Like Victor said

“If we nor make money weytin we gain

if we nor buy the Benz weytin we gain”


This is where the problem lies there in,


(What do we gain if we have no money or if we are poor?)


Many people right now are frustrated by the fact that all they are trying to make things work out for them; have the cash at hand and in bank; something they wish would come as fast as can be but since money is not as the speed of data for many of us,

“It operates on a 1G wired signal, maybe an Ethernet connection with a 2G China Phone”



We see the immoral ones, scamming people online, gaining money and flaunting it right in our faces, you see these individuals bearing daunting names (nick) and they make good use of their wealth to taunt us, we always hear them buying the latest Porsche cars, wearing a futile chain worth millions and in the end, flashing it all on the world’s most educating and corrupting platform, the social media and bloggers too wey nor dey carry last, making it front page news. 


So many lives have gone down the rail because they all are looking for this FAST MONEY, and when it ends up not being fast or not as fast as they want it to, they tend to, like a chemical reaction, catalyze their progress (financially) through the illicit, you see them searching for the Gz (Original Gangsters) and trying to get through to the riches they dream of through scamming innocent people, becoming stinkingly rich through constant recurrence of this new WAY TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE, but what are we to do? (The fact that they claim to be recovering what was once theirs is another stupid talk which would be accessed some other day)


The society accepts these kids and we even ennoble them with praises for being a REAL SON OF THE LAND, have you not heard? 

(One of them got crowned recently, make I nor talk before I get beaten up!)


It’s pretty obvious that everyone in the world currently is searching and wanting to make money, that dough to flex and chop life nah, but since it doesn’t happen when we wish it should, we get frustrated and are majorly depressed for a long while, now Victor AD’s Weytin We Gain, though might be inspiring; reprimands failure and struggle,

the fact that you have no money means YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN IN LIFE?

Or the fact that all the days you’ve been hustling HAVE BEEN A WASTE OF YOUR TIME? 


Let’s view from this angle, the normal youths of nowadays are all seeking money

(more excessively than those of old because they too want to feel amidst the top guys, go to club and do all sorts of immoral stuffs with their cash)

Even AD pin-pointed this out by calling a car, surely it’s a luxurious Benz he alluded to.


As a normal hustler with no intent of doing any illicit or immoral act to gain , perhaps a patterned worker in a bank, or perhaps a cleaner for a Concierge Service rendering organization, listening to the very song, after thirty seconds, the chorus was hit

“IF WE NOR MAKE MONEY, WEYTIN WE GAIN (My brother, weytin we gain) If we nor buy the Benz, weytin we gain ooo”(trust you know what it says next)


Despite the fact that the first solo was trying to appeal to The Maker for help, the chorus is a mind-changing tool entirely and the only reason you see people making references to this song in discussions is either because they wish to get involved in something malicious in order to GAIN THE MONEY Victor was subconsciously not referring to, but what they choose to interpret it as. 


“If the only thing that we say guarantees a successful life is money, then we will surely do something cunning to get to it, since it doesn’t come as we wish” -Emmiasky Ojex


What the above quote implies is that due to the fact that the circumstances involved in getting money legally are too knackering (tiring) and most youths in this generation nowadays do not wish to take part in the opersose tasks involved in doing business legally and making money through it, it pretty obvious what they resort to doing to gain the money they wish but do not want to work for.


Human Trafficking generates millions, so does Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking, Cyber Crimes (we actually celebrate these guys):per transaction for that matter ooo, meanwhile at hand, the nation is still struggling to fix a minimum wage higher than N20,000 and then, a song telling us that our LIVES ARE WORTHLESS WITHOUT THE MONEY IN IT is released and we see the mass grooving to this…… Please what do the leaders expect the youths to do?


We are forced by what we listen to; to join these people who are already having SUFFICIENT FUNDS #ifyouknowyouknow

(is it not stupidly irking to know that so many, if not most of our songs are now focusing on money, money and money) Like in “ABLE GOD”, youths were told to lo ra lappy, ko le connect, ki wo na le collect.

(meaning to ignite Youths to go get Laptops, to connect with these people so they too can collect!)


Illegal is the new legal and our leaders do not dissuade it so they subconsciously encourage illegality –Emmiasky Ojex


If all we chase after now, is money and not the real things we need to, now these real things are not what can be bought with the former but are the true things people need in life to fully be happy with who and what they are no matter the financial situation they may be in.

Such things are not usually materialistic, things like Hope, Education (doesn’t imply schooling), Vision, Faith, Love and so on are the necessary things we as human being should chase and not allow some paper material with worth kill the true meaning of joy in us.


After all said and seen,

We all need to know something very vital:


All you need to become that person you dream of is already with you, your life and your mind. –Emmiasky Ojex

Notice no money in it right? That’s simply because it need not be! 


We gain a lot without money and as a fact; we gain more without money and less with it.

–Emmiasky Ojex

Whatever the mind of a man can concieve and it beleive, it can achieve.

–Napoleon Hill

See and have faith, work towards it, money will end up following you.

–Emmiasky Ojex



It would be quite natural for so many to disagree with this article, but if you do and think you have solid points, leave it below…. I’ll be more than happy to continue this.


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86 articles

October 23, 2018