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Sweet architect! 
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head
I hope you see the pain I feel in my chest
I hope you see that I really am trying my best

Sweet architect! 
I hope you’re seeing the tears my eyes harbor 
I hope you realize that my heart sobs
 I hope you see me in my origin as someone with naught

Sweet architect! 
I hope you see my soul is a mess
 I hope you see me try again and fall back on earth
I hope you see my laid back at night trying to reach the heavens for help

Sweet architect!
I hope you see me wishing I could change
Become a better person in this age
I hope you see that I have been damaged

Sweet architect!
I hope you see the need I need
I hope you see as I fall on my knees 
That I need a whole new knead

Sweet architect! 
I hope you know that I know that you’re the only one who can
 Help me with all of earth’s troubling time 
And let me live the life I deserve

Sweet architect!
 This is not my cry to you but a plea 
Like a poor child to a rich King 
I reach out to you for a meal!

Sweet architect! 
We both know these chains are not mine 
But I got them while I was trying to make it in life
Please help me break loose and survive

Sweet architect! 
I know that you are all where 
At days when you are needed 
You’re always near

Sweet architect! 
I now plead with you to come; save me and my mates 
From this trouble we have to eat on our dining plates 
And move us from where we are to our original place!

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