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Are you currently in a dilemma as to whether or not to leave that job you currently are doing that is not paying what you deserve or work for?  

Are you in a bind as to whether or not you should stop doing that particular thing you’ve been doing for so long that you lost count of how long you’ve been standing in that stagnant position? 


You’re in a bind; thinking of what to do and what not to do?    


We all get depressed sometimes, as to whether or not to do it, looking at the fact that the risk we are taking might just be too much for us?    


What if we fail at it?  

What if it isn’t successful?  

What if the world chastise us?  

What if we lie down flat from failing so bad?    


All these thoughts and more come to our head roaring and most of the times, the people fail at recognizing the fact that NO RISK, NO REWARD, is the conspicuous truth;    


"There is absolutely nothing worthwhile that doesn’t require extra effort or risk in it"   


There is no excellence without perseverance and consistency; all those who have shaped our world into the good and evil we see now all did that extra thing others {in whatever time they were} would rather not, 

They researched more while others just flipped thought the research material, the known inventors today spent more of their times dwelling on that particular dream they had in mind.    


You as well have to take that LEAP, if you ever wish to get to that next level,  You have to prepare yourself to just a few more encumbrances on your road to success.    

I therefore, tell you today, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TAKE THAT LEAP you find in front of you.  For if you do not, there will be no difference between you and that other person.    Today, I dare you “TAKE THAT LEAP, AND JUMP THAT BARRICADE in your front.”    


P.S: We all have to take different strides in life, do not ever think you are taking the right leap by imitating what your friend.      


From a friend that cares,  

 ©Emmiasky Ojex  

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