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Your father complained till he died or is he still alive?

As well, you mother, followed the ride 

Government is corrupt, "they make things and life hard"

The funny part now is that you, the offspring of two mediocre are following along the same path


You say to yourself on your dirty bed

"What can a young me, without resources do that will overthrow what has been set by the top men

What can a chick do that will lay back that which was made by the mother hen"

We shall do wonders, miracles and magic, that's what you heard the last time you were to elect.


You're still seeking the CHANGE your father's fathers sought during at youth

Of what use are you? 

If you as well, are not ready to make do with

The little you have around you


You hear, "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" everyday

Yet, your comfort zone is where you'd rather stay

Shayo galore, you feed on bottles like it's your miniature secon

 Arise Oh Compatriot, your country beckons


You're just like every other one of your stupid friends

Blame those with power, the ones in government 

Don't look at yourself, it's a crime 

Yet you forget when your palms were itching as you secretly collected bribe


You are now 26,

 Are you still in wonder or dreamland, Alice? 

Are you yet to understand? 

That the eyes of those up there are narrowly open and widely blind?


Are you still seeking answers to the questions that would never be resolved?

 Or are you ready to take what needs to be done as your personal cross? 

If like your fathers did, you still pretend like all is well 

And do not take actions when they are needed, 

I am sorry for you; you never will live well.


You see your mates on socials 

They are falling in love 

Are you people joking? 

Do your words even have meaning


Just like your predecessors I just cry o’er the fact that you would as well 

will become Another wasted experiment of God 

In the 7 point something billion.


Emmiasky Ojex

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