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My placid face,
Silently speaks of my pang.
My belligerent thoughts
Awakens me at night,
Making my heart quiver and ponder.

He steps in
Like a gallant lion
Ready to devour his prey.

His malicious countenance,
Makes my heart shudder.

His titillating eyes
gleams with gaiety
In the dark room
Night is asleep.

His hands canoodle my skin,
Phobia engulfs my heart,
I cried, but tears refuse to drop.

He feeds me 
With slaps for breakfast
Punchs for lunch
And yells for dinner.

Nay! I will no longer endure,
A piercing love.

My eyes have seen enough
My ears have heard enough
My heart has wept enough
I will no longer endure
A piercing love.

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