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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Soliloquy 1(The Male Asserts) 
 "Gender inequality" Doesn't that term reek irony ? 
  With all due respect,  I expect the feminist choir to raise a chorus, Where they sing tales of years of male oppression, a pathetic orchestra woven to play victim. Their catchphrase is "misogyny", blatantly asserting my gender is chauvinistic.                

  "Gender inequality"  Funny, but I think a certain gender already think they own the show.
Screaming "Free The Other Gender" as a protest to my protest. Who does that ?  
Rallies and conventions to feed their fragile egos, deflated so they retain  the victim spot undefeated. Delusionals !  
       In my inadequacies -  I'm called a weakling and expected to do more!!   
      In her inadequacies -  A tear or two earns her a warm pat!! 
      I audition for a role - I have hard work and God alone.
      She auditions -  I heard the judges say she's got a pretty smile!
     In my depression - My friends say "Hustle harder Bro ! "
     In her depression - The family gets her a counselor and a tissue box. 
     I throw a fit or get a rage - I'm a bully!!
     She throws a fit  - You know, she's emotional, let's give her some time. 
     I've got pride - I earn enemies       
     She's got pride - She earns followers, Go Girl !! We support you !!   
    My birthday picture got 3likes and 1haha
    She posts a (✓)  -  Wow! Even your (✓)is sexy!!
I am no loud mouth, I do not scream #Males matter too!! on every post, Yet no one seems to asks her why she ain't got no job at 23,
      She starts a feminism crusade, Aha !!  She's opinionated. 
     I'm what 21? 22? but you already think you know my damn future cause I don't have no job ??
    She's what 18? 19? and yet you can't question the source of income for a student with two iPhone 11 pros ?

"Gender inequality" -  I don't hold the car door open , hence I'm no gentleman??
I'm the ultimate "gift buyer", the reminder of anniversaries and birthdays,
    I'm accused of a crime, my stoic face means I'm guilty ?? 
    She's accused - Wait!  She cries a downpour....who cares ?  She pleads leniency, the case is closed. 
     I'm expected to be macho even at my Mom's funeral and when I'm soft,  Hey!! did I hear you say I'm gay ?
    I'm expected to hustle, cause I have neither body nor face to get me through.
    I'm a Man!  that title is all I've got.
I lose it I'm Weak !!  
I'd risk my neck just to get the cheque,
And when I come home I expect a decent meal, but the feminist choir preach I ought to make them myself... Of course I do !! From the bills that come from my purse...  
But even them are too proud to say they eat from my source though they  may have bills in their purse.
     And even in the pleasures of my wife's bosom.... like a maniac I can still hear my boss's snide remarks about my faded tie,  
And somehow I pray this sperm of mine doesn't make a seed ...
For I desperately wish to buy a tie not baby food again..
      I'm accused of pulling the strings but I'm merely the puppet here ! 
Her affection, love , respect , attention, desire , recognition and all the stereotypes that put my gender at the fore front of this war of hormones with their sick expectations of the Male gender are the Puppeteers.. 
I'm just a victim here !  
 There's two sides to every story...        
 Now you know mine !!

# Soliloquy 2 (The Female Speaks Up:)
"Gender Inequality" ?? Without disrespect, I don't mean to sound feminist, but I sit here and listen to you call me a feminist choir.. Really ?? 
  You say I sing tales of years of male oppression, a pathetic orchestra woven to play victim... 
Gracias ! I hope you know there's no smoke without fire,
I wouldn't be a victim if I didn't have the scars, would I ?
"Gender Inequality" Funny, but do you really think we own the show ?  
Screaming "Free the other gender"  because you failed to hear my whispers.
Rallies and conventions do not feed my bruised ego..  It's a chance to reveal the sneaky monster your gender has become. 
   You think I claim the victim seat.... Come on !! You've seized the victory staff for ages! 
         In your inadequacies, why do you think you're expected to do more ??
Why do I only get a pat for my tears ?
         Simple ! It's because the world believes you've gat what it takes, a worthy contender, not me. 
Don't they say to whom much is given, much is also expected ? 
         Do you think I do not wish to challenge myself too ? 
I wish to be seen an equal opponent, but doesn't the Bible say I'm a weaker vessel.. your favorite quote by the way.
         You audition for a role - You don't have to worry about your hair or makeup,
         I audition for a role - I'm scared I might not make it without the pretty face or accentous curves not because I'm not talented but cause I caught the Chief Judge staring at them.
        In your depression - Well at least you've got your bro's.. 
       In my depression  - Well, let's not talk about my psycho girlfriends who'd rumour me later,
     You throw a fit or get a rage - At least you earn fear,
       I do same - I get tagged red alert "emotional", "drama queen "
       Your pride earns you enemies, Much better than the fake love I get,
20k Likes on my every posts....Yet, I cry myself to sleep every night.

      My feminist crusade is my last shot at sanity,  I'm going crazy here, I'm a pretty face with a soul in a mess !! 
Damn ! All this attention from the perverted gazes of the men in my street, 
I'm drowning inside, but my makeup masks it all..
I'm deep but my curves attract the shallow.
      You lose your virginity, it's your show of your virile manhood,
      I lose mine... Well, you know what's up.
     You're macho.... Manly 
     I'm macho.... Y'all know that's transvestism right ?
   You're deemed guilty for a stoic face alone ?
   Welcome to my world.... I paid my freedom with my body, 
  A man older than my father called me sweet,
You think it pleases me ? That I have no shame ? 
The tears fall on their own, 
You think my eyes don't hurt ?

You're a Man. At least that title comes with a certain strength,
I'm a Female. Even the prefix "Fe" in Hebrew means to carry/bear,
I was meant to be.. a bearer of your seed, a baby machine..
I'm meant to be docile, compliant, weak, and never oppose you, 
When I do, You hit me, but I make no fuss, else the neighbors hear and call me a bad wife,
I lose myself the day my dowry is paid,
I am what you decide I am,
I loved to sing, but you took away my voice,
And in the pleasure of my bosom own bossom ! I have no say,

You call the shots, of Me, my Goals, my Job, my Life, my Body, my Soul, my Friends...
Yet, you say "misogyny" is just a catch phrase,
Even as I pleasure you, I worry I'm either too good or not good enough,
Both of which would bruise your insecure ego.
I'm sick ! I'm oppressed ! You're breaking all our holy vows,
But I can't say a word or I lose my home,
You're the breadwinner, that justifies infidelity ,
I'm stuck ! Leaving would mean I'm promiscuous,
So my soul I throw into the chores.. like a maniac I hope to ease my mind with hard work,
Till I become the haggard piece I am now.
     A broken engagement,
     A failed marriage,
     A violent home,
     A childless marriage,
     A disappointing sexual relationship,
     Failed parenting,
     Social vices.
Damn ! I take all the blame. 
So in this last attempt to save my gender, I cry out,
There's two sides to every story.. I wish you could hear mine.


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