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Well as this year started on a very slow momentum, Particularly when the government announced the National lockdown around March, if I had to sum up my experience of 2020, I will say it was bitter-sweet and it was DEPRESSING at a so many point.

With the lockdown and restriction of movement it became a very heavy burden for someone like me that enjoys the physical space for work,events and many more.

I thought it will be short while thing and we  all would get over it, although the lockdown came with opportunity to develop and grow for many people, it was opposite for me adjusting to the new reality of life, it was not just difficulty to adjust it was depressing and with all that was the increasingly bad energy from social media and with many strong people able to resist this kind of energy, I am not one of them, all this again triggered my mental health resulting that i stay off social media for days and sometimes weeks.

 I lost a couple of relationships because of this, I want to do more but i felt restricted mentally after weeks of struggling, I was able to get my mind together and i began to try different things, Thanks to zoom for making this happen.

Lesson: Omo, take note of your mental health, speak to someone if need be, stay off social media if need be and more importantly seek for help if you feel depressed at any point.

Depression is real and anybody can be depressed 

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