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October is Dancing 
she is a trap of joy for a mark
to those tunes tapping on line
stepping out in her black
before the white for a remark
for the dance shoes redefine
the effect of all the months lack
in the meantime at kitchen advancing

Old and young months were watchin' her
as she prance in peaceful steps on the dance floor
so cool and sizzling to hear up the need to confer
for fire to keep warm the weather and not burn for war
the joy and courage the months have in the year
which is the interest of their purpose counting days 
to number moments and minutes of cheer
and the exposure and enrichment appraise

Serious music from funny act
labels young minds mischievous youths 
how the hell's rain labels heaven's dews fire
and its own the curlers pure desire 
that was a just lie tied up as a fact
to keep away from blowing hearts, truths
with which head for a new place sit upon
redesigned of little difference in old baker's apron

Knock knows knocks knotting knowledge 
while whistles whisper whim whacking 
villagers' vaults vulnerably via villains
bragging beyond boasting bossy bell
flooded flowers faith flying  flaws 
hiring hasty hatred healing headlines 
retiring reunion's rights relieved repulse
sitting soothing stresses safe separately

Now the dance floor is a bouncing stillness
on a muting lousy sounds 
jumping to dance but go off 
whenever trials are seen as illness
death tricks set its hounds 
that the hade may laugh 
how we wish a new Odùduwà
but Yoruba is stumping on ìwà

Our shoes now become red 
R.I.P to those bloods shed
The heroes efforts are seen
Remain forever in our green
The lights that can go dim 
The lines and stanza in the hymn
May these effects be fruitful
Even though it's seen unlawful


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