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About somedays ago instagram gave me a notification but to me by the explanation of God, He revealed a life teaching to me 
And what's the content of the notification? It goes thus👉 "Since you followed Gbenga Olubummo, you might also like Dọtun Olubummo" people on IG will be familiar to that notification…
Yes, Let's apply it to our physical lives, you see the Circle of friends you have now depends on the first chain you created, see I won't talk too much but the perfect example of this is Life will automatically tell you 👉 Since you like a smoker, you might also like a Drug Trafficker" but mind you dear, Life Will replace that *might* to must✌️ 👈 so since you've to break the energy chain.…. Ion really need to talk too much… if you're an IG user, go And follow ẹiyẹ confraternity I bet you Next two days you'll receive something like Since you like Ẹiyẹ fraternity,you might also like aye fraternity 🤔 And if you choose to like Obama,you Will see what Life will push to you through that chain.… Are you changing your energy chain today or not?? God bless you abundantly

✍️ Gbenga Olubummo

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    I'm carrier of God's presence Of his light, I'm the light and I radiate God's heart revealer Read God's intention Remember if you've not given your life to your God, then you're like a product doing anyhow without knowing what his producer created him/her for God is the producerRUN TO HIM today!

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