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I know you've probably heard this a billion times, but I say to you from the deep marrow-bone of my soul, I couldn't ask for nothin' much more better, sweeter, creamier, and to crown it all, a caramel macchiato like you with your adorable voice like that of an Asian-koel drippin' like that of a flower girl when you came into my life

Your cuteness knows no bounds😊

your beauty has no limit😇

I look at you and gasp in awe😳 wondering how perfection looks🤗

you take my breath away my dear🥵

for you, I’ll walk the line 😍

 I love your lips when they’re wet with wine

And red with a wild desire;

With you, I know my home is paradise

I love your eyes when the Lovelight lies

Lit with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh

Touches mine in a fond embrace;

I love your hair when the strands enmesh

Your kisses on my face.🤗🤗

Your lips so soft and red,

the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.

Your beauty so bright and warm,

shining through the darkest storm.

Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.

When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.🤗🤗

Your body shape intruding my attention so sexy and worth craving for😘😘

I just hope you allow me glance through it all once again.

And prolly make me feel good by giving you aboundance of goose bumps,

Please let me make you feel wet by having a taste of what you have in you.

With kisses and lots of romantics scenes to bring us back to good life,

With you i feel complete.

I love you my lady (Reina💕)

                                                                       OLASENI VICTOR AYOKUNNU.

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    A young and effective poet✍🏾 Ready to learn..Administrative tutor and speech provider..Content creator.

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