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It was on a Thursday afternoon I was checking my admission status on jamb portal, a message popped up "Dear Aderonke Adetona you have been offered provisional admission into Ekiti state university", I was so excited I screamed!. My family members were so happy, they congratulated me, the thought of being an undergraduate was overwhelming I couldn't sleep.I Dreamt about how life in Eksu would be, how I would be free, wake up when I want to with no one to disturb me......No one told me it was going to be my hell!.I packed my bag on a weekend, so ready to leave the house I was overly excited I got to school around 2 pm in the afternoon. I was ready the following day with my files in hand, I was ready for the next phase of my life.  I have been standing on a queue for over 3hours, it was my turn to submit the file somebody shouted from the back "sister is not yet your turn" I was exasperated I screamed but I have been here since 7 am, people behind me looked at each other and chorused "welcome to eksu". That's how my journey of living in hell begun, I followed routines daily, wake up by 5 am, leave the hostel by 6am so I can sit at the front, there are times when I leave the hostel by past 6 there wouldn't be where to sit, I will stand through a 2hours class, I was fed up but i kept on because I always remember this quote from my mother  "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". I followed every rule, the same routine till the semester was over then it was time to check my result I had 7As, 2Bs I was happy, I thought maybe Eksu isn't that bad after all but it wasn't the same story in my second semester I read for this course more than anything I complained, you better thank God someone said, there was mass failure. Welcome to Eksu people muttered Hmm, how I hate the phrase " Welcome to Eksu".By the time I got to 200L, I was already tired of Eksu. It's either lecturers don't come to class or there was no available lecture theatre. I can't continue like this I complained to my just met friend, I can slip into depression if am not careful. I have been there she answered, Why don't you get involved in extracurricular activities? I know of an organization called enactus if you are interested. Extracurricular activities? How am I suppose to manage that with chemistry?My first time of attending a formal meeting, I was lost...So people like this still exist, how do they know so much, I was curious. Pointing at the project manager, I want to be like him, I told my friend...Me too she answered. How about we take advantage of our idleness and commit to some self-development I suggested. We started reading a book called "change your thinking change your life". I have learned to take advantage of whatever situation I found myself.  If I didn't come to Eksu maybe I wouldn't have met my friend, Maybe I wouldn't have heard about Enactus, Maybe my life wouldn't really have been different.Looking back now I wouldn't say life in Eksu is a living hell anymore, I would rather say its a bittersweet experience.

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