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Mr. Cane

His best friend

Is his cane

his potted belly is

bigger than a calabash

his trouser is wider than

a sack his hat is like a

curved horn and he walks

like a pregnant woman and

drags his feet on the ground

sending trepidation to

students minds they hear his

footsteps they are perplexed and run around


When he is in class everywhere

is as taciturn as a graveyard and

Students call him 

Mr. Oxford because he 

Speaks a thousand grammar that

twists their brains


His cane will sound papapa on

the back of any students that 

causes chaos making 

others daunt his explanation is very articulate

that students fail his

tests he wonders why they don't

comprehend his subject


Mr. Cane

A grammarian that brags

with his grammar but students

never understand his teaching.

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