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```I hide under the umbrella of friendship, 
So the rain of love doesn't touch my head
But the flood swept me off my feet
I became soaked in love that our friendship sank, 
I fell in love``` 
```I kept on eating the forbidden fruits,
Sucked the juices enjoying every single drop hoping I'll never be thirsty
But I was choked by the seeds of affection
I took gin thinking it was water becoming drunk in love
Drunk in Love and it became my new tequila
Every shot I took so intoxicating
My umbrella's cover quickly replaced by Love's weather
The seasons had never been kinder
But I forgot that the seasons can change

I felt how my heart would spring to life
From the summer of that warm embrace 
That warmth engulfing me I could never explain
But it's been a long time since Summer
Autumn clouded your attention elsewhere
As I watched our bond go to fall
I hate the snow as they mix with my tears
I should have never let go of my umbrella
Even though the wind won't  stop blowing my mind 
The branches will always wave the feelings off
My tears can dry up quickly
Then my heavy heart will compress the high spring of love
Maybe we'll realize we are in the autumn of our lives
And that we need a stable heart 
Unlike the swaying pendulum

                           He raps, I vibe, We write!

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