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If you've ever attended an event in Nigeria, you're probably familiar with the tradition of spraying money. While it's a fun and exciting way to celebrate, it can also be a hassle to carry around large sums of cash. But with Attendout's new system, spraying money has never been easier or more convenient.

Here's how it works:

Create a Stage: As the event organizer, you can create a stage on Attendout's platform and add designations such as "Bride," "Groom," "Live Band," "Bride's Mother," and more.

Add People to Your Stage: You can then add attendees to your stage and assign them to a specific designation. Each attendee must have an Attendout account, and you'll need to provide their username when adding them to the stage.

Share the Link and QR Code: Once you've set up your stage, Attendout will provide you with a unique link and QR code that you can share with attendees. They can use this link to access their spending page and start spraying money.

Spray Money in Currencies and Denominations: Attendees can choose from multiple currencies and denominations when spraying money. The system will credit the designated Attendout account with the amount sprayed.

Visualize Spending on Screen: The stage page can be projected on a screen, and attendees can tap to spend money. The screen will show who is spending and the denomination they are using. This adds an exciting visual element to the party and allows attendees to see how much they've sprayed.

But Attendout's system is not just limited to physical events. In today's world, virtual events are becoming increasingly popular, and Attendout's system can be used for those too. Whether you're attending a wedding, birthday party, or any other type of celebration, Attendout's system allows you to spray money hassle-free.

And if you're from a remote location and can't attend the event in person, you can still participate in the tradition of spraying money. Attendout's system allows you to spray money virtually, making it the perfect solution for anyone who can't attend the event in person.

In conclusion, Attendout's innovative system makes spraying money at events hassle-free, convenient, and secure. Whether you're attending a physical or virtual event, Attendout's system allows you to participate in the tradition of spraying money without the hassle of carrying around cash. So why not try Attendout's system at your next event?

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