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Love is the only phenomenon in the universe that defiles time,Love is faster than the speed of light,Love travel's through time, Past, Present & Future.

Only love can make a man or woman wait for someone, even when they know, that the person may never return and time start folding.10 years looks like a year, the length of time means nothing, everything around you grows old except for your fillings.
Love is a time machine, it can travel faster than the speed of light,those who are in your Past, can still be touched by your love for them, including the dead,those who are yet to come into your life can be reached by your love for them, your future spouse, kids, etc...
Love knows no bounds,love is a two ways communication, you can send the signal for a destination, and you can receive the echo from the other end.There are times love for a person or people jumps into your mind and distract you, even those who are dead, and those you've not yet met.
Love is Stronger than Death, If not for love, this world will be on fire.I stand for love, true love, against all odds.
My love device may be broken many times.
Some may steal it, or rub me of my feelings,But with love will I stand, for when time passes, love dwells, even in low places of life, love can find even when you're lost.

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    An Expert Level FullStack Software Developer, but I also love to make my pen speak from the depths of my imagination. #Factman

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