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Listening to the song HOME by Philip Philips make me remember the only thing that made my College life worthwhile, the only thing that can make me return to my school, Enactus.

We came together from different departments, family background, social background to make a difference in our community and looking back from today I we say technically, we failed in alot of things we promised  to do, but thats not the issue.

We stood strong, we set out to do good, we had many ideas and accomplished some, we skipped our classes, missed test even some of us missed exams. Oh my God my parent will kill me if they heard I skipped my classes but we were just obsessed with helping people.

We saw the challenges in our community and we don't just want to fold our arms and sit by, we wanted a change and we gave it a shot.

Looking backwards from today I will say we did things differently, we were excellent a lot of student get jealous they thought we were forming but they missed the point, we just want to help.

If I have learnt just one thing from my years working under Enactus, its all about Helping people.

We came from different background, brought different ideas, ideologies and believes to help people.

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