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Someone stopped me sometimes and started questioning me about why I wasn't in church, in my mind I was like WTF, you have never asked about my wellbeing but you are concerned about why I didn't go to church like WTF were you doing on the street too.

The same person again stopped me asking me about my beards!! It's this a witch hunt?? Did you reply when I greeted you? No, but the first thing you noticed was my youth-sized beards.

The next thing I heard was:

"If I have my way I won't allow these small  boys to have beards"

Look here old man, your antics and ideologies are what led us to this point where an ordinary Nigeria isn't sure of his or her future anymore. You are always ready to correct the young ones but your generation failed woefully, wait did I say woefully??  I meant your generation failure stinks. Please let us try our way.

You are ready to talk to me about my beard but forgot to ask if I have any business idea that you can support or advise me on.

Oh, wait where were you when I was sick? Or broke? Did you care?  I forgot those are responsibilities are for my parent.

Listen! old man, you haven't earned the right to say a word to me. Correcting young people isn't a luxury given on a platter of gold, you have to earn that right.

Stay in your lane! 

Keep your mouth shut!

Mind your Business!

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