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I know this letter is ridiculous or maybe am not suppose to write this, but i think you should know just in case we meet again and you couldn't recognize me.

It's was 8 pm, I remember it like i do my face in the mirror, I was running down the highway trying to catch up with a bus but being the klutz that I was, I tripped on my toes and bumped into you, your chest was like a rock, So solid.  I didn't even know you were human until i looked up and I found the most beautiful pair of eyes staring back at me… for a moment or maybe more than, we were lost in each other's eyes. How can someone be so handsome? I thought

Your face screams perfection, and for those split seconds your hands held me.  My world was in a standstill. I didn't want you to let go.

Just our eyes, speaking for us saying all of the things we couldn't know if we were sane.

        Like how I want you to kiss me like it's just you and I in the world...

        Hug me till I couldn't breathe...

But time was not on our side.

We were running late

You pushed me away sooner than I like to admit. If i had a choice, I would hold on forever

What was wrong?

I know you felt it too

Just how two strangers world fit perfectly.

I adjusted my shirt and pretended nothing happened

If only you could read minds and hear my thoughts out loud

But  I couldn't be angry at you

Maybe it was too much to handle

And you couldn't face it

I know none of us believed in love at first sight till that day

Perhaps that's why you reacted the way you did

But we know better now right?

We have experienced it first hand

I know you are thinking of me right now

At least that's what I like to believe

The feeling is so real to be only fantasy

So hold on dear

Just a little while

Till our path cross again

And I promise this time I will be yours Forever

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