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Divers people, going up and down, getting involved in the great commission when the vision for the mission is lost.

It's time to pause and learn!

No more Upper room experience, no more Cave of Adullam's experience, no more room for mentorship.

In the commission;

Seeing a place of relaxation

rather than a place of renewal,

A place to boom for goods;

rather than a place to burn for God.

It's time to pause and learn!

Reconciliation is needed between you and the owner of the great commission.

Messages about the mission are needed from the Source and King of creation, why not go for bible study?.

Reading books on relationships, partnership, that has to do with your ministry is not sinful at all.

It's time to pause and learn!

Dear gospel music minister, why not pause and go for voice training?

Young minster why not pause and go for a retreat, because it's time to pause and refire.

Ask questions and hear from other emulable Gospel ministers.

Pause! Go! And Come back better and stronger.

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn under the authority of the greatest Teacher.

The Holyspirit







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